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What do I put on a business card?

What do I put on a business card?  Some tips and tricks designing your ultimate business card.

I do a lot of business cards and the most common question I get is “what information do I need on my business card?”

Well, here is a short article on what I would recommend.  Firstly you need your Company name/Logo, Your Name, Title, Mobile, email address and website.  These would be my business card stable items.

Now for the negotiables

Physical address? Well that depends.  I have a home office and don’t put on my address because I don’t want randoms dropping in.  But if I worked in bricks and mortar company then I would definitely put it on there.

Social Media logos / URLs?  This is again a personal preference.  If you have a twitter account but haven’t tweeted for 5 years, you probably can leave that off.  But of you are active on FB or insta or other social platform then definitely put those links on there.

Services overview?  This can be a handy thing to have on your card if you want people to know the various services you provide.  Just keep them short and sweet so not to clutter the whole card.

Photo of Oneself?  Again, personal preference.  The thing I like about photos is that I am more likely to recognize the person on the card, even though we might have had a brief conversation.  And another thing is that photos build trust.  Gone are the days that cards were only for real estate agents; my advice is to get your mug on there!

Size?  The standard business card size is 90mm x 55mm.  If you want to mix it up with a square card, a folded card or a slim line card, go ahead.  You are only limited by your imagination and budget. 

Embellishments.  To Spot UV or not to Spot UV?  That is the question.  Lots of businesses are trying new things to make their cards pop and stand out.  If you can afford to spend a little extra on a UV varnish, or some gold foiling or even rounded edges then go for it.  Make sure you are keeping on brand and not for the sake of it.

Printing: Nothing irks me more than when I design a beautiful card that then gets printed cheaply and the colours get muddy or the paper is too thin and looks crap.  I’m all for saving money, but if you invest in getting cards designed, it’s not too much more expensive to get them printed somewhere decent and have them looking amazing.  Trust me, it is worth it.

Ensure you balance all of the components above so that you can build a holistic message which fits with your brand.

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