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When to rebrand your business?

Rebranding occurs for many reasons, like when a business decides to change their name or maybe they have shifted in their market offering or even messaging to communicate a more relevant brand promise. 

Rebranding is extremely important but it can be expensive too and there is a lot of design touch point you need to update.  See my Design Assets Checklist in the resources tab.  Sometimes customers might not like the new changes, but don’t think that is a disaster as the reason you are rebranding might be to shift into a different market. 

So why should you rebrand? There are so many reasons your business might want to initiate a rebrand and I have listed 6 common reasons below. 

1. Your logo is not representing your target market
It’s very common as your business grows, to find yourself moving towards another direction and a different market. Your logo needs to be reflective of this change and still be attracting your target market. 

2. Your previous logo was a DIY project
If you, your friend, or your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin, created a logo because you needed it quickly or had no budget at start-up, consider whether that logo is still working for you. Is the quality good? Does it need a professional eye across it now?  

3. Your logo is too complicated
Simple is often best if a logo is too hard to understand or has too many elements going on it can appear confusing. Keep colour choices to a minimum; avoid too many drop shadows or gradients or elements that can date easily. Something simple can often be more effective. 

4. Your logo is not adaptable to social media platforms
Many years ago, logos were produced for storefronts. In the face of new technology, signwriting won’t cut it in the tech world. Your existing logo may look dated and is not optimized for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or your website banner. Consider the various applications of the logo and determine whether your existing logo is going to cut it online. 

5. Your logo just isn’t as awesome as your competitors
Customers will judge a book by its cover. If your logo is old, dated, ugly or not reflective of your business, while your competitor’s logo is clean, precise and relevant, who do you think a customer will choose if they didn’t know either of you before making a purchasing decision? Perception equals reality, look the part and you will instil trust in your potential clients. 

6. You have changed your business name or line of business
An obvious time for a rebrand is when you change your business name or the nature of your business and need to appeal to a new audience.  Similar to when your logo is not representing your target market. 

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